Shared experiences are at the heart of everything AVO. From moments worth remembering, to stories worth telling and notes worth savoring, an AVO Night is one filled with friendship, music, laughter, strength of character and generosity of spirit.

Every cigar is a careful arrangement that mirrors the unexpected finesse of Avo's music – complex, layered, effortlessly smooth and infinitely approachable. Each a virtuoso performance, that elevates the cigar maker's craft into the realm of art. From his flair for improvisation, to his passion for travel and infinite enthusiasm for life, AVO cigars are truly a reflection of Avo... the man.

"When you open your life to the magic of exotic cultures, the possibilities can be extraordinary."

Avo Uvezian


In a noisy world filled with chaos and unpredictability, it took a musician to create harmony amidst the commotion. With his passion for jazz, an irresistible charm, and an appetite for new experiences, Avo Uvezian became a composer of fine cigars. As a way of life, he created rare and beautiful moments to be savored and shared by all.

spirit of avo

To share a moment with AVO is to immerse yourself in a merging of exotic flavors and cultures; in a timeless appreciation for the classics; in spontaneity, guided by inspiration. And within each cigar, you will find a unique experience, a shared moment, a thing worth remembering and passing on to friends both old and new.

Learn everything you need to know about the most important Avo cigar lines.

AVO Syncro Ritmo

Rich with mystery and possibility, the unknown is a place to be savored and shared with like-minded souls. Located far below the equator, beyond the dense vegetation of the Brazilian jungles and over the highest Peruvian mountains. amidst the fertile soil of South America lies a region where the most primal tobaccos grow wild.

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Avo Fogata

AVO Improvisation
Limited Edition 2017

The AVO Improvisation LE17 blend features rare aged tobaccos that only allow for a production of 2,000 boxes for the US market, truly one of AVO’s most unique and limited releases.

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Shop Avo Classic Covers Vol.4

AVO Classic Covers Vol. 4

This full-bodied composition features fillers of rare 12-year old Dominican tobaccos that were hand selected by Avo Uvezian and Master Blender Eladio Diaz. A special Ecuadorian Sumatra binder leaf is “Covered” with a Habano 2000 Marron wrapper from Ecuador, creating a harmonious flavor profile that is sure to excite Avo aficionados around the world.

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Avo Fogata

AVO Syncro Fogata

The Avo Syncro Fogata Toro is an intense yet perfectly smooth and balanced cigar. A blend of Visus and Ligero filler leaves from Nicaragua and Dominican Republic influence the palate experience in terms of strength and aromas. From the beginning one is greeted with a wildly exotic flavor profile, notes coffee, salt, cedar wood, citrus and sweetness are alluring and compliment the overall intensity.

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Shop Avo Classic Covers Vol.3

AVO Classic Covers Vol. 3

“Covered” with tobaccos from Ecuador and Mexico, presented in an elegant 6 x 54 Toro format, the 90th Classic Covers new blend is composed from Dominican filler tobaccos aged for 10 and 11 years. Then cradled by the Mexican Negro San Andres binder leaf and elegantly finished with a Habano 2000 Claro wrapper from Ecuador.

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Avo Domaine


Inspired by the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Avo Uvezian, our Master Blender has ventured to the untamed heart of Central America. Capturing sweet and spicy flavors from the rich, volcanic soil of Nicaragua and blending them with the soft, creamy notes of the finest Dominican leaves. Resulting in a smooth and balanced box-pressed cigar with unexpected depth and complexity.

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AVO Classic Covers Limited Edition 2015

A true embodiment of the jazz-loving musician and cigar impresario Avo Uvezian, AVO Classic Covers is freeform perfection. The inaugural release of our Limited Edition Improvisational Series, this cigar is crafted to inspire. Covering classic tobaccos from Nicaragua, Mexico and Ecuador, we pay tribute to the past by creating memorable experiences for all to savor and share.

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Avo Heritage gifted cigar craftsmen


Together — Avo Uvezian, Hendrik Kelner and the next generation of gifted cigar craftsmen — developed this harmonious experience filled with tobacco tradition and expertise. This full-bodied blend offers rich, toasted notes of cocoa and spice with an unforgettably creamy finish.

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avo xo cigars


Avo’s legacy captured in every format, with tobacco aged for at least six years, artistically woven into each cigar. A masterpiece meant for special occasions. A remarkably smooth, yet richly complex, medium-bodied composition balanced with notes of wood, spice, and dry sweet fruit.

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Avo Domaine


Avo’s most personal blend, specially crafted for the connoisseur. Composed of highly aromatic tobacco harvested from Avo’s private estate, this medium-to-full-bodied blend resonates with exceptionally rich character delivering flavors of butter and spice with subtle nuttiness.

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Avo Classic Cigar Case


This cigar is the harmony of two cigar legends, Avo Uvezian and Master Blender Hendrik Kelner. Their collaboration offers an unforgettable experience of balance, enjoyment and refined taste. This inviting blend is composed using rare tobaccos that have been aged for 25 years.

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