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Davidoff Club House Toro 2013


The roll of the green is a mystery to all. The roll of a fine cigar is no mystery to Davidoff. What better way to fill your time than with a few fairways and a fine Davidoff cigar.

With the unmistakable flavour and aroma, every shot is worth taking a little more time over. Released in 2013, Davidoff wanted to emphasize and strengthen the combination of playing Golf and enjoying Davidoff cigars. An elegant Gran Toro format was chosen to provide a long, pleasurable experience perfect to accompany pleasurable times outdoors, for instance on a great golf course. Time is the ultimate luxury, fill it beautifully.

The different and well-aged Dominican San Vicente Mejorado filler tobaccos together with the Ecuadorian binder and the exceptional, aged Dominican wrapper, are delighting with pepper notes, followed by robust flavours of roasted nuts and dark chocolate. Although the blend is composed of four San Vicente Mejorado tobaccos, each one is contributing different flavours and stimulations to the blend, because were grown in different agricultural zones on different soils giving each tobacco of the identical seed a different taste heritage united in a wonderful blend.

San Vicente Mejorado Seco from Martin Garcia is stimulating the acid part and delivers a subtle spiciness.

San Vicente Mejorado Seco from Santiago Rodriguez stimulates the acid and sweet parts and pleasing with a well-pronounced creaminess.

San Vicente Mejorado Visus from Jicomé also stimulates the acid and bitter area on the tongue by adding a wonderful coffee note.

San Vicente Mejorado Visus from Piloto delivers strength and creaminess to the blend.

Ring Gauge:
Length [in]:
Smoking Time:
60 Minutes
Dominican Republic
Ecuador - 702
Dominican Republic - Hybrid 254 Visus / San Vicente Mejorado Seco (Martin Garcia)
San Vicente Mejorado Seco (Santiago Rodriguez) / San Vicente Mejorado Seco (Jicome) / San Vicente Mejorado Seco (Piloto)
3 out of 5
CA Residents:
Prop 65 WARNING(S)