Colorado Claro Special 'T' - Box of 10 | Davidoff of Geneva Since 1911

Davidoff Colorado Claro Special 'T'


A blend once only available seasonally in limited quantities, is now available full-time due to its high demand. The Colorado Claro series features a rare sun-grown Connecticut Ecuador wrapper. The wrapper has a beautiful dark, reddish-brown appearance, and produces a unique bold flavor. Coupled with binder and filler tobaccos from Dominican Republic, this blend is harmonious and elegant with complex and balanced characteristics, ideal for the medium to full-bodied cigar aficionados.

The Davidoff Colorado Claro Special T is the most unique format in this series, with a change in ring gauge that produces an evolution of flavors. From a ring gauge diameter of 52 to 46, the cigar guides along varying diameters of curves in this intriguing Torpedo format. This allows a startling array of depth in its smoke. At the beginning, the cigar starts with flavors of pepper, spice and subtle nut flavors. The blend then grows into a soft sweetness that rounds out the cigar, providing a complex and balanced palate stimulation. As the cut narrows due to the ring gauge, the crescendo of flavors, and light, peppery aftertaste slows for a time beautifully filled smoking experience. These beautifully aged tobaccos of three different Dominican republic filler tobaccos, a Dominican Republic Piloto Seco binder, and rare Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, creates a complex medium to full bodied cigar.

Ring Gauge:
Length (in):
Smoking Time:
50 Minutes
Ecuador - Connecticut
Dominican Republic - Hybrid Olor/Piloto Seco
Dominican Republic - 2x Piloto Seco | 2x San Vicente Visus
CA Residents:
Prop 65 WARNING(S)