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Davidoff Complexion Toro


Davidoff Complexion. The color, the texture, the intensity. Complexion stands for the unique character the individual tobacco brings to a blend. Each tobacco’s signature, when blended, creates a harmony of flavors. A blend our Master Blender found very intriguing as each tobacco in this cigar has a distinctive moment to take center stage.

Complexion is a cigar that uses one of the most popular wrapper tobaccos, the proprietary Habano seed 2000 grown in Ecuador. This wrapper is dark brown, with a smooth silky texture, and full of rich flavors of chocolate and spice.  Our Master Blenders use this unique wrapper and skillfully blend with binder and filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic to provide intense earthy, sweet and spicy flavors. Complexion stands for the character each tobacco brings to this blend, whether it’s the spice and sweet notes from the wrapper, or the spicy, earth and wood notes from the filler and binder tobacco.


1/3 - Very creamy, aroma of hazelnut. The palate stimulation is within the spice, sweet and salt region. Flavors of caramel sweetness, corn and hazelnut with hints of ginger spice. The retro-hale is extremely smooth and creamy.

2/3 - Aroma is still creamy, becoming more chocolatey in flavor. Stimulation is heightened in the spice and bitter region. Sweet notes of caramel that still remain, now becoming a bit salty. Chocolate notes continue to develop, as well as notes of wood. Retro-hale is intensified, increasing in strength and spice.

3/3 - Woody notes have heightened, as well as spice. Sweet caramel notes are still dominant with flavors of chocolate. Finish is very clean with stimulation in the spice, bitter and sweet region.   

Ring Gauge:
Length (in):
Smoking Time:
60 Minutes
Ecuador - Habano 2000
Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic - San Vicente Navarette / Piloto Visus / Piloto Visus Damajagua / Hybrid 133 Visus Yamasa
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Prop 65 WARNING(S)