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Davidoff Escurio Petit Robusto

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Taste the elements with Davidoff Escurio. Escurio is part of Davidoff’s Black Pillar series that features innovative cigars with a bolder and adventurous taste profile from tobaccos found all over the world. The Black Pillar series links how nature’s elements have influenced the soil, plants and tobaccos that are found in our special blends. This blend is ideal for aficionados looking for an unconventional taste stimulation combined with the typical Davidoff smoothness. From water comes originality. Experience a cigar kissed by the rains and born by the bay of Todos los Sontos in Brazil. The tropical climate and rains of Bahia create the optimal conditions for growing premium tobacco with an average rainfall of 1,000-1,00mm per year. As a result, the Brazilian tobacco gives Davidoff Escurio its distinct, sweet original taste and rich aroma. The Brazilian Cubra shade grown binder and filler tobaccos produce thinner tobacco leaves for softer and sweeter stimulations. Have you tried the Robusto format? The Escurio Robusto Tubos is our most popular cigar in the Escurio line with its medium body intensity and flavors of wood and chocolate combined with a spicy palate stimulation. Perfect for the traveling aficionado with a tube that encases the Robusto format to safety carry your cigar, and better preserve your cigar for a few more days once it is removed from a humidor. Order your 4-count pack of Davidoff Escurio Robusto Tubos today!
Brazil - Mata Fina | Cubra, Dominican Republic - San Vicente | Piloto | Olor
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Ecuador - Habano
Brazil - Cubra
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Prop 65 WARNING(S)