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Davidoff Masterpiece Humidor - The Direct Gaze



The collaboration between Davidoff and Boyarde creates the perfect opportunity to ignite the viewers‘ imagination so they can indulge themselves to stand back and feel a wondrous moment in time. In a quest to find time’s steady pendulum, celebrated pop artist Boyarde Messenger pivoted between her playful artistic storytelling ability, whilst accentuating Davidoff’s masterful, historic elegance. This project is a celebration of both Davidoff and Boyarde‘s shared love of art and matching values of dedication to craftsmanship and artistry.

Boyarde shaped five individual stories to journey across the magnificent Dome‘s curves, thus complimenting and contrasting each humidor‘s striking wood grain and style. To make the sophisticated accessory exceptional in its entirety, Davidoff has crafted 50 cigars unique to each piece. They are not available anywhere else in the world and will fill the aficionados‘ time beautifully in style.

THE DIRECT GAZE – Exclusively available at Davidoff of Geneva since 1911 Madison Avenue, New York City. CONTACT INFORMATION: Phone Number: 212-751-9060 / Email: madisonavenue@davidoff.com

This humidor juxtaposes the traditional notion of masculine and feminine: masculine lines of geometrics and bold shapes, which are combined with a female subject holding a direct gaze at the spectator, thus opening a unique window in time for them.


Each humidor has a unique design with its name engraved on the frame. It is accompanied by 50 exclusive cigars blended specifically for every piece.

Equipped with one Davidoff de Luxe regulator, developed and produced exclusively for Davidoff – releases moisture and absorbs it when the level is too high. This guarantees best humidification between 70% and 72% to store cigars in perfect conditions. 

  • Contains magnet on the inside of lid to attach accessory. Ex: Davidoff Scissor cutter
  • Contains removable tray with two separators and handles.
  • Palladium-coated fittings to prevent corrosion.
  • Capacity for 50-60 cigars.
  • Exterior wood: Macassar wood with glossy finish.
  • Interior wood: Varnished Okoumé. Odorless wood specially chosen to preserve the individual flavour of each and every cigar.
  • Dimensions: 452 x 262 x 160mm
  • Handmade in France by skilled craftsmakers.
  • Limited to 5 pieces worldwide, only 1 piece of each design.


  • A soft feather duster is the ideal tool to dust this humidor.
  • The Varnished wooden surface of the humidor is hand-painted. Refrain from touching the artwork with bare hands, as that could compromise the colours. It is recommended to wear micro-fiber gloves when handling the humidor.
  • MUST NOT use any cleaning agents on the exterior or interior of the humidor.
  • When moving the humidor, always grab from the base.
  • When opening and closing the lid, always use the palladium-coated clasp on the lid to avoid touching the artwork.
  • Do not expose the humidors exterior to humidity, as this can affect the longevity of the humidor exterior.
Cigar Specifications:
50 Unique Cigars Included
Ring Gauge:
Length [in]:
5 15/16"
Smoking Time:
60-70 Minutes
Tasting Notes:
Floral notes, with cedar wood and dark chocolate.
3 out of 5
CA Residents:
Prop 65 WARNING(S)
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Davidoff Madison Ave Contact Information:
Phone Number: 212-751-9060 / Email: madisonavenue@davidoff.com