Davidoff Royal Release

Davidoff Royal Release

Royal Release

Not all cigars are created equally

A moment spent savouring the new Royal Release cigar from Davidoff is not as others. You realize in one beautiful instant that this is the product of a very privileged upbringing. From seed to cigar, every ingredient has been singled out for special treatment.

First selection. Then affection. Then perfection.

The perfect blend. Chosen by a process of painstaking refinement and selection which leaves no room for the merely “very good”. For to be Royal is to be one of a kind. A complexity and balance which sets the Royal Release apart. A stimulation of the senses which rises high above the ordinary. A most uncommon experience.

Time beautifully and royally filled.


Size: 57 x 8 1/4"


A true masterpiece of a cigar with only the finest tobaccos! Not only due to the elegant Salomones format, dressed in the exclusive Aromatica Dominicana wrapper, but also due the continuous changes in diameter that are bringing up varying flavours of leather, black pepper, cream, milk chocolate and oak wood. A perfection of sensations that will not only fill your time beautifully but also royally.

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Size: 55 x 5 1/2"


10 years in the making, the Royal Release Robusto provides a high density of flavours and an extraordinary complexity. Only crafted by our finest rollers, sophisticated and elegant notes of oak wood, leather, cream, almonds and brioche set this Robusto clearly aside. A stimulation of the senses which rises high above the ordinary.

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Royal Release Lighter Prestige

Davidoff has chosen France’s finest expert to manufacture these lighter: S.T.Dupont. Created over a 500-stage quality-controlled process, this lighter guarantees that from the very first pull, you enjoy a harmonious, satisfying experience. Only 200 pieces, each numbered, have been deemed perfect enough to be released as part of the Royal family.

Royal Release Ashtray

Where better for a Royal to sit than on a Davidoff crystal ashtray, mouth-blown by the celebrated Murano glass blowers, masters in the art of glass for five centuries.