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Davidoff Signature No. 1 Limited Edition 2023


Davidoff’s brand history is rich in exceptional cigar innovations and iconic achievements. Amongst these past innovations, this Panetela Larga with a pigtail, was groundbreaking and caused quite a stir in the cigar world with its excellence in craftsmanship, and its uniqueness. To many aficionados, the cigars from that period are legendary creations they reminisce about.

The Signature No.1 is a format and blend that has been lovingly recrafted by rollers half a century later. The construction is, as it always was, immaculate from start to finish. The flavors are as subtle and enchanting as ever.


1/3 – At the start of the Panetela Larga, the palate is introduced to a complex mix of flavors, where an elegant note of barley dominates and is soon joined by toasted wheat and oak wood. Additional subtle aromas of white pepper round off the first third.

2/3 – The sophisticated taste journey continues with a pleasant creaminess accompanied by complex notes of brown sugar and floral spice.

3/3 – A complex elegance refines the layers of this masterpiece. The final third presents notes of cedar wood, dried fruit and black pepper, manifesting an exquisite and cultivated taste journey.

Panatela Larga
Ring Gauge:
Length [in]:
7 1/2"
Smoking Time:
35-45 Minutes
Ecuador - Connecticut
Ecuador - Hybrid 151 Seco
Dominican Republic - Piloto Seco / San Vicente Seco / Hybrid 192 Seco
2 out of 5
CA Residents:
Prop 65 WARNING(S)
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