Davidoff Year of the Rabbit Masterpiece Humidor

Davidoff Year of the Rabbit Masterpiece Humidor Limited Edition 2023

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The Year of the Rabbit is the epitome of elegance. The Rabbit’s likeable character traits are reflected in the humidor’s design details.

The Year of the Rabbit icon is the main design feature of the piece and majestically displays one of the highest forms of craftsmanship: marquetry. The eye-catching artwork is a combination of wood, tobacco leaves and golden leaves. The latter harmonise with the gold-plated handle of the humidor. A subtly engraved pattern on the humidor’s exterior imitates a rabbit’s gentle and steady hops. The overall sturdy structure and the calm, symmetric design of the elegant humidor reflect the Rabbit’s pleasant and quiet personality perfectly.

Designed by Rose Saneuil is a French artist who has mastered and enhanced the craft of marquetry. Unlike other artists, she carefully blends curated materials from several different sources and of different textures, depth and suppleness.

The accurate and tasteful Year of the Rabbit Masterpiece marquetry reflects her profound knowledge and skill not only of the technical but also of the creative aspect of the challenging work.

• The brown colour simply had to be constituted by tobacco leaves, as the use of tobacco in Rose’s marquetry has been a longstanding tradition of the collaboration between Rose and Davidoff

• For the stitching, she chose golden leaves to visually accentuate the icon. The prestigious red colour she thought best to be represented by coloured straw, as it captures light and provides a pleasant contrast within the icon itself.

• Although the humidor’s exterior gives off the impression of calm symmetry, the work that went into it is actually quite complex. Several different materials with various grades of thickness and finish came together side by side.

• A multi-layered character translated into multi-material marquetry.

• Each humidor is numbered and accompanied by 88 Davidoff Year of the Rabbit Gran Toro cigars.

• Equipped with four Davidoff regulators, which guarantee stable humidification between 70% and 72%relative humidity.

• Equipped with a removable tray, beautifully engraved with the Rabbit icon.

• The inside of the lid is engraved with the artists signature.

• An elegant gold-plated handle ensures easy opening and closing.

• Limited to 25 pieces worldwide

• Lifetime structural warranty

• Made by the luxury craft company Moevus in France

Outside Material:
Walnut Wood
Inside Material:
Anigre Wood
22.32" x 14.64" x 5.55" Inches
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