Uncle Lee

To Mr. Leroy Knouse

This tasty experience is a tribute of sorts to a one Mr. Leroy Knouse - an all around gentleman of leisure and uncle to one Matt Booth. Throughout the years there has been one constant for Uncle Leroy: his love of cigars. For Uncle Leroy, as it is for many of us, enjoying a cigar has served as life’s pause button - a momentary respite from the trials and tribulations of daily life. Hitting that pause button and partaking in a fine cigar continues to be a source of enjoyment for him to this very day.

My Inspiration

It was through my Uncle Leroy that I was first introduced to Bob Marley’s music, the appropriate manner in which to leverage extreme profanity across all facets of conversational English, and the pleasure of cigar smoking. Leroy Knouse has been a constant inspiration to me. By observing his “habits” from afar I have learned and absorbed more from him than he will ever realize. This is my tribute to Uncle Lee.