S.T. Dupont E Slim Lighter - Davidoff of Geneva since 1911

S.T. Dupont E Slim Lighter


Original Price: $138.00

S.T. Dupont has created an innovative, luxury electric lighter, with no gas - in an elegant slim shape that can be easily carried everywhere. The lighter can be charged anytime and anywhere with the included micro USB connector.

Packed with technology, the E-SLIM lighter features an incandescent filament suitable for all conditions. Very convenient to use, you just need to open the cap and push on the trigger to light your lighter once charged. The filament can be changed to offer an optimal functionality.

The lighter is so thin (only 9mm thick) that it can fit in the smallest jeans pocket or into your cigarette case.

Practical for everyday use and suitable for lighting both cigarettes and cigarillos, the E-SLIM collection is available in a range of 3 colors.