Dual-Frame Lighter | Brown Sunburst Lacquer | S.T. Dupont - Le Grand

S.T. Dupont Le Grand Lighter


Original Price: $1,695.00

For more than 75 years, S.T. Dupont has been a pioneer in reinventing “The Art of Fire”. After the invention of the World’s first complication lighter, today the Maison has outpaced its expertise by creating the World’s first luxury, dual-flame lighter that ignites two kinds of flames – a Soft Double flame and Torch flame – “Le Grand S.T. Dupont”. 100% hand crafted in France with precious materials, ageless wisdom of natural lacquering, and guilloche techniques, the Le Grand S.T. Dupont is a bit larger than the Line 2 lighter but can fit perfectly in your pocket. The Soft Double flame gently heats your cigar while the Torch flame helps to light it in a perfect circle. The roller is engraved to allow for a secure grip in your hands and easy lighting by simply sliding the roller up with pressure and holding that pressure to make an ignition. It is 100% hand crafted in France with precious materials. Expertly constructed with the piezo mechanism and pyrophoric system, this lighter has a 3 month autonomy. Available in 5 finishes, the Le Grand S.T. Dupont in Palladium & Chinese Lacquer is one of our top sellers - - making this the perfect gift for any aficionado. Treat yourself today!

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