Black Lighter | S.T. Dupont - MaxiJet | Davidoff of Geneva

S.T. Dupont MaxiJet Lighter


Technology meets technique with the MaxiJet Lighter collection from S.T. Dupont. A contemporary accessory featuring a modern jet flame, making it ideal for personal or home use. The creation of the MaxiJet collection represents the dawn of a new consumer. Style conscious, savvy, and global, the MaxiJet lifestyle responds to the need for integrated luxury solutions. This lighter is one of the most elegant, streamlined jets on the market today. This powerful torch flame can be used in the most extreme conditions. With the press of your thumb, a simple sidebar ignition powers a blue jet flame while the Piezo System provides a 360° lighting angle with a lightweight and ergonomic design making it simple and easy to use. A recessed flame cover ensures that the burner area is protected at all times and closes automatically. This beauty also includes a built in flame adjuster and fuel level window. Created to be incredibly resistant with a solid brass bass, this lighter is available in 11 finishes. This means that there is a MaxiJet sure to fit the style and personality of any aficionado! Check out the Black as Night Lacquer finish - - it’s the perfect companion for the modern cigar smoker.

Height (in):
2 1/2
Width (in):
06. Dez
Length (in):
1 1/2