• S.T. Dupont
    The Art of Living Well

    Choosing quality over quantity, becoming connoisseurs and appreciating the true value of the things we own. In France they call it l’art de vivre. The art of living well. It’s the spirit that drives us to enhance our lives with exceptional products, designed with and crafted to last. Beauty becomes a legacy, something to pass onto future generations.

  • Exquisitely formed fire starters, micro engineered as high performance lighters and crafted as works of art.
    The art of the exceptional, carried with you every day, everywhere. Because some things are worth holding on to.

  • Take pleasure in the art of putting pen to paper. Words that take shape in your mind are brought to life on the page.
    Gracefully, smoothly with the reassuring weight of a handcrafted writing instrument, as expressive as you are.

  • More than an accessory, a S.T.Dupont leather bag is an iconic and stylish travel companion.
    Flawlessly crafted to embrace the spirit of adventure, with a balance of beauty and modernity that makes each object an instant favorite.

  • The glint of precious metal, an unexpected accent of color and the understated elegance of sophisticated design.
    Accessories to add natural flair and distinction, created with skill and attention to detail by our master artisans.