• S.T. Dupont
    The Art of Travel

    More than an accessory, an S.T. Dupont leather bag is a travelling companion. Iconic and stylish leather collections flawlessly crafted to embrace the spirit of adventure, with a balance of beauty and modernity that makes each object an instant favourite.

  • Line D

    Fine leather products designed to fit an entrepreneurial lifestyle. Sleek lines and functionality create a range of leather goods with a strong presence and uncompromising modern style.

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  • Iconic

    Classic canvas and leather designs based on the iconic travel bag commissioned for Humphrey Bogart, discover a naturally stylish range of business and travel accessories.

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  • Defi

    Performance is everything. Technology, functionality and dynamic design are fused with innovative cutting edge materials to meet the demands of modern life.

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  • Fire Head

    The “Fire Head” credit card holder features leather embossed with the new pattern. Its soft leather conceals RFID protection technology integrated in the lining of the vents to protect personal data contained from any risk of wireless identity theft.

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