Wider horizons Deeper Character

The traveller is rich and complex.
Every note a souvenir from a treasured location.
Winston understood the joy of the journey and that the ultimate pleasure of travel is the experiences you bring back with you.

A complex multi-origin blend with tobaccos from Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.

Multi-layered wooden and earthy notes at the start, followed by swet and spicy flavours.


Palate-pleasing stimulations of sweet creaminess develop with elegant notes of coffee, leather and hints of cinnamon spice, along with notes of pepper and nuts in the retro-hale.


Ends with intensified complex aromas of wood and leather complemented by salted caramel notes.

Size: 5 x 50”
Enjoyment Time: 45 min
Size: 5 x 50”
Enjoyment Time: 45 min

Limited to 8,000 boxes worldwide, the Robusto cigars come in beautiful boxes inspired by leather travel cases, and include a Boveda humidification device that turns them into travel humidors that will allow aficionados to embark their favourite cigars on their next journey.

The icon applied to the cigar boxes reflects some of the key places that marked Sir Winston Churchill's path: cities like London and Washington that built the Commander and the Statesman and places that inspired his art like Marrakesh.

Along with the limited edition cigars, davidoff is also releasing two humidors, an ashtray, a cutter and a cigar case celebrating Winston Churchill's passion for travelling.
Davidoff Winston Churchill Humidors
The humidors come in two popular sizes, Ambassador and Primos, and are made of reconstituted wood that is broken down and then reassembled to reveal new textures and colours for a unique look. They both carry the new Winston Churchill silhouette that highlights the places Sir Winston used to travel to.
Eco-responsible wood created by an Italian company
Ambassador model for 70 to 80 cigars, Primos model for up to 35 cigars
Limited to 200 pieces
Davidoff Winston churchill double blade cutter
The double blade cutter is made of stainless steel and will allow aficionados to evenly cut cigars with ring gauges from 22 to 58. The pieces feature the iconic Winston Churchill silhouette as well as passport stamps featuring Churchill's destinations of choice.
Cutter made in Germany
Integrated spring system provides balanced blade movement, while the blades lock when not in use
Limited to 300 pieces
Davidoff Winston Churchill Ashtray
The limited and numbered ashtray also features the beautiful Winston Churchill icon as the key design element. Created in a French atelier in Limoges, the large 24 cm ashtray is an eye-catching table masterpiece for two cigars.
Made in a French atelier in Limoges
The two cigar notches are slightly angled to ensure the two cigars will not touch each other
Limited to 500 pieces, numbered by hand
Davidoff Winston Churchill Cigar case
Stamps, souvenirs from treasured locations, are subtlety laser engraved on the XL-2 cigar leather case, completing the limited edition accessories collection.
Cigar case made in Spain
Space for two Davidoff Toro format cigars, adjustable in length
Limited to 800 pieces