Zino Z-Collection Set - Davidoff of Geneva since 1911

Zino Z-Collection Set


The Zino Z- Collection Set, Cigar-Care to match your style. 

ZM lighter enables a fast and precise lighting of your cigar thanks to the pointy jet flame. The gas level window on the back of the lighter always lets you know the exact level of gas. The large tank has a capacity to light approximately twenty cigars. With five available colors, there is one Zino - ZM - lighter for every cigar aficionado who cares for style.

Z2 double blade cutter provides a clean and precise cut, thanks to the stainless steel blades. The double blades slice through the cigar without crushing it. For a high precision cut. With five available colours, there is a Zino - Z2 - double blade cutter for every cigar aficionado who cares for style.